An exciting and inspiring first post this month as we look at a DIY surfmat build. Also, news of an impending Here & Now…


We were so stoked to see this pop up in the Facebook group that we got in touch with Andrew and asked him to tell us all about his DIY mat building exploits. Here’s what he told us:

I try and approach my surfing from a practical angle. Long boards always worked great for me, then I grew to love big heavy boards and even got into SUP. The history of surfing naturally became a passion, people like Skip Frye, Bob McTavish and of course George Greenough always featured high on my hero list and this in turn bought about my first glimpse of surf mats. Like many Brits my mother in law moved out to Spain about 15 yrs ago, so a couple of cheap holidays a year in the Med were on the cards, "you can't surf in the med"  and taking a longboard on a cheap flight is almost impossible...turns out you can of course surf in the med!! That was it! Time to try and f find a surf mat. I got hope of a couple of sea eagle mats for me ,my and daughter to mess about on at J Nannys house. My with was already a compitant body boarder and stand up surfer so she taught me how to use fins. We were hooked!! I later got hold of a redback which I thought was ace, until it popped while my daughter was riding it. 


Then I found the matsurfers page on facebook I felt like the little girl from the Blind Melon No Rain
video...more weirdos like me!! So back to the point practicality, I needed a half decent strong mate and being too cheap to buy one I thought I'd have a go at making one. I hasten to add it would have been much easier to buy one! I am a stubborn cheap skate. I really wanted something like the old hogman something retro and cool?! Like George?? I got chatting to Graham from gmats online who was subtly trying to tell me I was wasting my time with the old style heavy canvas mats...however I found out the hard way hence Mark one of my efforts became a dogmat. 


Dogmat Mark two...proper stuff and loads of encouragement from G, tips and advice. Which was very humbling as this guy makes mats for a living but never pushed a sale...really cool guy. The build was the hardest thing I have ever done, there is nothing to relate to...heat bonding TPU is something you just don't do in every day life. I had a rough idea of what I though would work for me based on the redback and my sea eagle...but Graham nudged me in the right direction. I didn't expect a perfect mat and didnt really care just as long as it worked and that I had built it myself. One of the things I am passionate about making stuff...Like I said the build was completely alien I just learnt as I went along...the hardest part was the mind blowing!! I went for a simple four pontoon construction to keep it as easy as possib!e, easy being a word that soon bit me on the arse...there was some stuff on YouTube about building with TPU BUT not much. It instantly made me realise that £250 or 250 dollars for  mat is nothing...the build took me 4-5days in total, materials aren't cheap those guys can't be making a lot of cash...Which makes it even cooler they clearly do it for the love of matsurfing very rare in this guys this is it my Mark two Dogmat.


Three days into the build  thought 'fuck this, I am never doing this again' I just focussed on getting it air tight...and not wasting the time and money id  already invested in something that may not even work...I took a break and watch Crystal Voyager...for the 50th time. George's mellow attitude and inventive tenacity drive me and George had a moment of cosmic electricity or maybe that was just the it was finally finished, I added some grip (also really hard to do) satisfaction...I

did it! Not perfect I know...wonky lines, messy grip but I did it! I never have to make a fuckin mat again!! The next day a second back up Boston valve arrived in the little brain started ticking...

Dogmat Mark 3???


Jonathan Jarrett (better known as JJ) is a mat rider, collector and builder who has a real story to tell. Kendog and Jamie are just wrapping this one up. Say tuned for something special…

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Welcome to the February newsletter and there is a fair bit going on! It’s been a month of creative output in the surfmat world with wonderful edits, beautiful artwork, clothing, product news and an dded bit of content on the site.


OK… We apologise for that terrible pun but we make no apologies for sharing this amazing little video from Alex Kopps. No need for more words. This video says it all.

Check out more of Alex’s work on his Vimeo page:


Another video now and we have no idea who made this. We have no idea who the mat surfer is.

AND we respect intellectual property and would never normally share content without the owner's permission but c'mon!!! This is way too good not to share. We just found it in our Dropbox folder with no indication as to who, what or where...

Anyway, if you know who this is please let us know. If it's you, let us know and if you want it taken down we will take it down but we would rather give you the credit this deserves and celebrate good film making and mat surfing.


More creative outpourings, this time from the talent that is Bryn Dampney.

Matsurfing, kneelo riding/shaping, SUP’ing, windsurfing Bryn is a man of many talents and visual art is one of them. As you may know, Bryn is the man behind our very own logo.

Bryn Dampney Rast Surfmat Lino Print

Bryn has also been hacking away at lino and has come out with a pair of gorgeous prints. The first (above) is of Dave Rastovich cruising across a left.

The second is a copy of a classic shot by Wardie of George Greenough carrying an old Neumatic. Stunning work.

Bryn Dampney George Greenough Surfmat Lino Print
greenough_walks w neumatic.jpg

Bryn says he plans to do a small run of prints in the not too distant future so stay tuned for an announcement on that.

Oh, by the way… Talking of our logo, we are working hard to get some decent quality tees sorted with the logo at the header of this page printed on the chest. Short runs are harder than you might imagine but we’re hopeful we will get the job done on that front!


Speaking of beautiful artwork and surfmat apparel, we’ve had word from Ian Jermyn at Warpmats to say that they have just taken receipt of a batch of pretty special looking tees.

The new Warpmats t-shirts, Shorebreak Freaks, are a small edition run screen printed on 100% organic cotton.

The shirts are €26 plus shipping.

More details here:


You may remember that G over at G-Mat Surfmats was struggling under a heavy waiting list a while back. Well, he tells us via his blog that he has finally caught up so is open to new orders. He’s changed how hes doing it though so rather than a long waiting list it’s a first come first served basis.

People who want a custom G-Mat can get on G’s mailer to hear when he is taking orders:

Word is we will be getting some G-Mat stock back in store in the Spring too. Get on our Mailing List to make sure you don’t miss out on that one!


We have added a new article to our Mats in the Media page. The article comes courtesy of over in Oz and is the story of the birth of SCUMM and their formative years.

You can link to the original online article or download a PDF.

A really fun read as you’d expect and a decent bit of surfmat history (let’s face it, they have earned their spot).

It’s particularly moving to see Da Bolt in full flight. #ericwouldgo

So there we have it. That just about wraps up February’s news.

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Starting off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to mat surfers all over the world! (Better late than never).

So, not the busiest of Newsletters this month but it’s been a slow start to the year, We’ll be keeping oour eye out for stuff and please do send us your news.

Surfmat Happy New Year


Kendog has been at it again with the amazing tale of his Intex mat kept alive with a curious concoction - Terry’s Secret Sauce. Sit back and enjoy the ride HERE.

Kendog has some really good things planned for this year which we’re really excited about so stay tuned for more!


Word from mat builder Matt Fedden who is doing a touch of DIY:


There is a short delay in the production of custom built warpmats.

At the end of January I am starting to renovate an old barn here at my house in Cornwall as a new mat making space. Initially I aim to take out and replace the floor, and eventually will renew walls and roof. Whilst the work is ongoing the mat making gear is under tarps


The trick is to keep some mat production flowing, so the restoration will progress in stages. In order to preserve my sanity I won't process further orders for mats through the shutdown, in order to concentrate on the building work. However, Ian will be making tee shirts and other Warpmats gear, during this time.

As the work eases I will produce a number of stock mats which will be available at £180, from the facebook site. As soon as the floor will support mat making in the new workshop, custom built surfmats will be made again. Currently I would hope to resume building surfmats for customers at the end of February.. Anyone enquiring about a custom mat will be put on hold till then, and it will be announced on the website when mat builds restart.

Custom built mats will be available for £180 plus post for a mat made with stock (black or white 70 denier, or green 200 denier) material. Dyed mats will continue to be available. In future Ian will undertake most if not all the dyeing. Mats with dyed decks will be available for £250 plus post.

Good wishes,



In a follow up Matt said “Forecasting a bit of snow to take the roof off in”!

Have fun Matt!

As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions.




So this is a weird post. Mat surfing often attract those who like to keep a low profile. Those who like to rise before the sun and get in and out before the mainstream know what’s hit them. When the wannabe Slaters are “chuckin’ buckets” (gawd that sounds like hard work) the mat surfer is already satiated and engaged in his/her other expansive pursuits.

That said….

We have noticed something about videos posted lately on the Facebook Group. Other than those legends over at SCUMM (the Hollywood of mat surfing) the videos posted of late have been of other forms of wave riding such a body surfing. Now to be SUPER clear this is not a pop and the most pure form of wave riding and they are great to see, but a Surf Mat Group needs some surfmat videos!

COME ON!!!! Strap on your GoPros. Some forwards, Some backwards. But lets see some videos from around the mat surfing world in 2019!!!

If you make it… We will host it…. Can’t say fairer than that.


So then, there is all sorts going on over at Leblon Fins. One minute it’s a crowd fund. The next minute that’s pulled but they are looking for global distribution. We can only assume that the parallel strake fin world has taken a turn for the better!

Whatever, you can snap up old stock at a heavily discounted price right now so if you fancy a pair and your feet fit, get on it HERE!”


Well, that has to be a matter of opinion but surely Dave Dubois has to be in with a shout for that award. Snapped as Swamis (if anyone knows the photog please tell us) this has to be a contender.


Charging Dave!!!

As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions.

Thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!