PG back in action…


We were all really pleased to hear that Paul Gross is back in action and building mats as usual. For those unaware, PG has been under the knife for heart surgery. He’s shared the story in full on his SURFMATTERS BLOG.

We were also really pleased to see what he tells us is his “first and only selfie”!

Paul Gross 2018

Looking handsome there fella!

PG does have a little more work to be done. He tells us:

“I'm going in for a heart ablation procedure on the 28th to straighten out my a fib. It's an out patient procedure, with a 1-2 week recovery period. So...not a big deal, just a pain the the ass! After that, in theory, I'm good to go. I've been paddling my mat around the calm water in Morro Bay harbor to get back into shape, while protecting my sternum as it heals. At the 6 month mark, mid- January, I should be able to surf normally...”

Well, surfing normally might not be quite the way to describe PG on a mat…

Great to have you back PG!


The NY Matmeet we drew your attention to last minute went down in tiny but fun looking waves. Justin Valdes put together a really nice little edit.

If you’re in NY do be sure to follow the Instagram accounts of and @matsurfingsocietyofnewyork.

It would be great to see more matmeets going down. It seems that as mats have become more popular they have kinda ebbed. They are such a blast though!


Nor Cal’s Alan Whitsett is looking to get a posse together to visit Aussie mat movie maestros, SCUMM.

Alan said via the Facebook Group:

This is a serious inquiry...if you're interested please message me with your contact info. Planning a six man trip to New South Wales end of next September to surf with the blokes from S.C.U.M.M. for 10 days. I will make all travel, lodging, transport arrangements...all you need is money, inclination, and time. We will be sharing a house in Cunjurong and a vehicle to get us to outlying surf spots while there. I am currently negotiating costs for a house and van. Airfare will be hinged upon market pricing and any deals that I can arrange. Looking for guys primarily from California...Northern or Southern to ease transport arrangements. I will do my best to have us all arrive together or reasonably so. I have experience planning and running numerous surf trips to Indo, Fiji and Mexico as well as multi day motorcycle trips all over California with numbers of participants ranging from 5 to 21. Current estimate puts daily cost before airfare at under $90 US per day per person...that includes reasonable food costs. I can cook and assume a few of those who would come can as well to add variety. It will be cold...wetsuits will be required along with your mats and fins. I currently have one other committed to the trip so really looking for 4 serious mat riders. Message me if you can or respond to this post and we can connect over details. I want to have story, drink a bit, eat a bit, scratch, sniff, and pass wind around the campfire with Andy, Neal, Paul, and John as well as any other sad lads that they can convince to hang out with us. Any takers?

Anyone interested, please reply to Alan on Facebook or in the comments section below.


Leblon, the Swimfins everyone is talking about have been good enough to post a bit on mat surfing on their blog from Ian at Warpmats. Mike Janich and Terry Wild.

It’s mostly their reflections on the fin which we covered in our last newsletter but is worth a wee look.




It's been a long wait but DaFin Fin Savers are back. Perfect for padding out heel straps and keeping them in place for over size fins. Also beautifully comfortable for surfing without socks.

Get them IN OUR STORE now. Any colour as long as it's black! 


And finally… we just had to share this when we saw it in the In Greenough We Trust Facebook Group.

 Mat Portrait by Tom Threinen

Mat Portrait by Tom Threinen

This is the latest offering from the legendary Tom Threinen, drawn on his i-Pad. For those who don’t know Tom, he was the man behind the iconic Don Redondo.

Check out Kendog’s Here and Now interview with Tom here:

As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions.



NY Matmeet. Leblon crowdfunding. Protect your mat. Stuff for sale...


There’s a lot going on in the mat world these days so we thought it might make life more straight forward if we went to a monthly (roughly) news post on the blog. This is the first edition.

We would love to hear from matsurfers around the globe if you have things going on.



The poster speaks for itself and if you’re in New York then cancel your Saturday plans because this is TODAY!


LEBLON CROWDFUNDING - More Sizes & Lower Price!


Leblon fins are getting a fair bit of airtime currently as a real option for mat surfing. To date though, the sizing has been a bit limited but that’s about to change. Leblon have just launched their crowdfunder for the new batch of fins at a significantly reduced price!

Get on that HERE

Here is some interesting feedback on Leblons from Ian Jermyn:

Feet and fins

Everyone's feet are different. The fins that are going to be best for you may not be the ones your mate is frothing about. It makes little sense to surf wearing fins that cause you discomfort. If you're experiencing muscle cramps in your feet or legs (both?), stressed joints, blisters (subsequent sea-ulcers) or fatigue your current fins could be to blame. While it's unlikely to be an option for most of us to try all the different types before we buy, we can make better choices by understanding which fins are a good fit for different shapes of feet. 

My (big, wide) feet

My feet are 10cm wide and, in light of the fins I've tried over the past few years, I put myself into a 'wide foot' category. My shoe size is US 12 / UK 11.5 / EU 46.5 / AU 10.5. I don't go barefoot in any fins as doing so has too-often resulted in blisters and, subsequently, sea ulcers. I'm currently running with 4mm Alder Burn fin socks. 

Leblon Fins - Flex and Original

I bought a pair of both Leblon's Flex and Original model fins in size Large. With my foot shape and size, and wearing 4mm fins socks, the fit of the size Large is perfect - for both 'models'. The fin blade of the Original are stiffer than the Flex. For both however, the foot pocket is made of the same soft rubber. The comfort of the foot pocket I felt was similar to that of DaFin; the rubber on the Leblon fins though seems thicker and the heel strap seems wider than the DaFins (I use 'seems' here as I owned DaFins several years ago but replaced them with Duck Feet). The overall size or shape between the two Leblon models is the same. The size of the foot pocket and heel straps are the same for both models; the same soft rubber is used for the heel strap and foot pocket for both models. As advertised the blades of the Original are stiffer than the Flex. 

For the past few months I've been predominantly wearing the Flex model so my feet and legs can acclimatise to them after a few years wearing, almost exclusively, Voit's Duck Feet. To date I've only surfed twice using the Leblon Original model fins so I can't confirm that the Original have more power than the Flex - I've not used them (the Originals) enough to be confident in saying so one way or another. Both are comfortable and very powerful.

My verdict

I've been riding the Leblon Flex for several months and I'm confident in saying they are the best fins I've used for matting so far. The Leblon Flex (and with two trials of my Leblon Original fins) are certainly as powerful at Voit's Duck Feet; Prior to the Leblon fins, Duck Feet had been the most powerful fins I had used for matting. Prior to Leblons I thought DaFins were the most comfortable fins I had worn. Now, for me, these Leblon fins have been the most comfortable fins I have worn; for me this has been the wide foot pocket but also the rubber that feels thicker and the heel strap that seems wider compared to the DaFins.

They ride really well too. Powerful to get in early and get you up to a fast speed from take-off. Also, they give a terrific hold when the wave face gets steep and release easily if I get the fool idea to throw everything sideways.

My big-wide feet gives these 5-stars. They are worth the money.

Ian Jermyn


Leblon have really embraced the mat surfing world so let’s show some love back


So often, life reflects art and this is one of those times. It was whilst watching an Episode of Better Call Saul that it became clear that document tubes make great heavy duty mat cases! After extensive searching (a good 10 minutes) we decided that we really liked THIS ONE HERE.

Not too pricy either!


So to wrap up, we thought pointing readers in the UK and Europe to this might be fun as you can get some Voit Duckfeet virtually new at a decent price of £70 GBP when you take out the shipping. James A Grant is the man to contact via THIS POST IN THE MATSURFERS.COM FACEBOOK GROUP.

So there you have it. Please do let us know what you think of the new format using the comments section below and send us anything you want to share with the world.

Lucky 13 - Steiny Hits the Airwaves!

How stoked are we to see the King of stoke stoking the mat stoke?


Jonathan "Steiny" Steinberg is  one of mat surfing's big personalities. An absolute gent and ambassador for what this art is all about. As such, we were so happy to see the This is Ocean Life Podcast do the honourable thing and interview him.

Steiny Podcast

You can listen to this wonderful interview here:

For those who don't recall, Steiny was interviewed by another mat legend in the form of our very own Kendog in 2014. The perfect companion piece!

Read that here:

Slide on maestro!


Hello there mat fans! We are going to be making some changes to the site over the coming months, starting with one pretty big one.

 Andrew Stephen Buck -  Photo: Will Adler

Andrew Stephen Buck - Photo: Will Adler

UK Mat Surfers has been in existence since 2009. Originally, established as an online forum to bring together a diverse band of weirdos hiding in various corners of the UK. That first matmeet at Polly Joke (AKA the spiritual home of UK mat surfing) was amazing! 5 mats in the water together... Imagine that!

It fair to say we built a really tight crew of close friends who have stayed tight for nearly a decade. It's also fair to say that the face of mat surfing has changed enormously over that time too. Surfmats have have become far more widely recognised as a valid means of riding a wave in the mainstream. We've seen a number of pro stand-up surfers and bodyboarders take up mat surfing (with varying degees of success!) and surf shops now stock what previously involved a degree in IT to find on the internet!

 Henry Marfleet -  Photo: Mike Holland

Henry Marfleet - Photo: Mike Holland

 Graeme Webster -  Photo: Anon

Graeme Webster - Photo: Anon

All of this has been amazing and over the years the UK Mat Surfers site has expanded it's reach being a favourite resource for mat surfers from all over the globe. The site has moved on from being a forum. This is a shame but the technology just outgrew it (although we do have the Facebook Group) and today it is a really broad resource with lots of info on equipment, tech stuff about mats themselves, surf forecast for wherever you are in the world, online store and, of course, amazing interviews with mat surfers from around the globe.

 Ella Scott  Photo: Ella's Mum

Ella Scott Photo: Ella's Mum

And that's the point. The interviews are from around the globe, 2/3 of the UKMS staff are from the US and, to be honest, with the way the world is right now, there's a really strong case of opening up the boarders, not drawing attention to them!

 Jamie McClellan -  Photo: Anon

Jamie McClellan - Photo: Anon

So, with all that in mind, UK Mat Surfers will be getting a bit of a re-brand over the next few days. Nothing will change in terms of using the site and the group, etc, but we will be launching a new name that reflects the site as it is today.

We will also be freshening up some of the content as time goes on.

Stay tuned!

 Scott Matthews -  Photo: Seacraft Supply Co

Scott Matthews - Photo: Seacraft Supply Co