Social Media Guy/Girl Needed

The following is an ad for a voluntary position, not a job! (But you do get a little something for your trouble)

You don't need to be from the UK to apply

Hello all.

We are looking for a Social Media Editor.  As you may be aware, Bryn Dampney has taken over the job of managing the content and design of the site and does an amazing job. All that  as well as keeping on top of the fast flowing flood of info that comes from the mat world and holding down a hectic day job is a mighty ask. To take the pressure off and allow Bryn to focus on the site, we are looking for someone who fits the following profile:

  • A committed, experienced and knowledgeable surfmat rider.
  • A good understanding of and fluency with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube/Vimeo, (Other social media outlets desirable).
  • Basic video editing skills.
  • Have a broad and open perspective on all aspects of the modern mat world and no affiliation to one specific brand.
  • Has a broad network of contacts within the modern mat world and an ability to expand this further.
  • Be known to us already! (Sorry but this isn't a job and nobody is gonna be your boss so we need to know that you're cool).

This is an informal, voluntary position, not a proper job. Payment is in the form of one custom G-Mat Surfmat built to your specific measurement and shipped to you at the end of each full year. 

The job description is:

  • To mange the UKMS Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts enduring that new content is added at least weekly.
  • To ensure that the UKMS Blog has content added every couple of weeks such as sharing videos, contributing opinion pieces and posting articles from other people and that posts are shared across the UMKS Social Media.
  • To reply promptly to queries and offer advice to mat surfers making contact through social media or via the website.
  • Build links within the surfmat world and promote what is going on in a positive and engaging way.

In short, we are looking for someone who is motivated to do this sort of stuff anyway and is interested in doing it as a part of UKMS, rather than someone who is after a mat. This is a commitment so make sure that it is something that you can take on and will enjoy.

Send us an email us if you are interested.