Starting off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to mat surfers all over the world! (Better late than never).

So, not the busiest of Newsletters this month but it’s been a slow start to the year, We’ll be keeping oour eye out for stuff and please do send us your news.

Surfmat Happy New Year


Kendog has been at it again with the amazing tale of his Intex mat kept alive with a curious concoction - Terry’s Secret Sauce. Sit back and enjoy the ride HERE.

Kendog has some really good things planned for this year which we’re really excited about so stay tuned for more!


Word from mat builder Matt Fedden who is doing a touch of DIY:


There is a short delay in the production of custom built warpmats.

At the end of January I am starting to renovate an old barn here at my house in Cornwall as a new mat making space. Initially I aim to take out and replace the floor, and eventually will renew walls and roof. Whilst the work is ongoing the mat making gear is under tarps


The trick is to keep some mat production flowing, so the restoration will progress in stages. In order to preserve my sanity I won't process further orders for mats through the shutdown, in order to concentrate on the building work. However, Ian will be making tee shirts and other Warpmats gear, during this time.

As the work eases I will produce a number of stock mats which will be available at £180, from the facebook site. As soon as the floor will support mat making in the new workshop, custom built surfmats will be made again. Currently I would hope to resume building surfmats for customers at the end of February.. Anyone enquiring about a custom mat will be put on hold till then, and it will be announced on the website when mat builds restart.

Custom built mats will be available for £180 plus post for a mat made with stock (black or white 70 denier, or green 200 denier) material. Dyed mats will continue to be available. In future Ian will undertake most if not all the dyeing. Mats with dyed decks will be available for £250 plus post.

Good wishes,



In a follow up Matt said “Forecasting a bit of snow to take the roof off in”!

Have fun Matt!

As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions.