PG Goes Under the Knife

Word from Dirk Brandts via the In Greenough We Trust group on Facebook.

Good news!

Hey friends -- Paul Gross had a heart valve replacement today, as well as a few other touch ups. He had a congenital problem but arrived in otherwise great health and had a strong medical team. The doctors said it went really well, no bleeding and a clean, tight procedure. Gloria was able to see him a few hours afterwards and she and all the nurses were really happy at how healthy he looked. He's still too sedated to talk but she asked me to report to all of his Facebook friends. Knowing Paul, I predict he'll be back at the keyboard within days and back in the water within weeks.


We talked a lot about all the possible options going into and after such a procedure. As a testament to his overall optimism, he shaped 3 hulls in the last month, for my son (9'), for me (9'6"), and for himself (9'8" pig). We're not giving up mats by any means, but we're going to attack the 2-foot days with new style. 🤓👍

Send an email to Paul Gross and wish him well at <>.

Fast recovery Paul. People need mats mate!  


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