Firstly, sorry for the lack of news last month. It’s just that nothing really happened! But don’t worry, we have something for you in July although it’s all a bit miserable unfortunately!


It’s unlikely that you will have missed this saga and it has moved on to the next stage with Mark Thomson (Owner of Krypt) being found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. According to a report from ABC News in Australia:

The court heard the incident erupted after Thomson dropped in on Ms Cooper on his surf mat and began aggressively veering towards her. Ms Cooper told the court she feared for her life as she was grabbed by the head and repeatedly held underwater.

Mark Thomson on his way in to Court - Photo: ABC North Coast: Leah White

Mark Thomson on his way in to Court - Photo: ABC North Coast: Leah White

"It was quick and so violent," she said. "Every time I'd come to go to the surface he'd yank my hair and push me back down again.”

The report goes on:

The court was shown a short video clip of the final seconds of the incident, which Magistrate Karen Stafford said supported Ms Cooper's version of events. "I saw his arm have three movements in a plunging motion while the other person was underwater," she said.

According to ABC, MT told the court that he thought that he was being attacked. However the magistrate stated that: Mr Thomson's story lacked credibility.

MT will be back in Court next month for sentencing and is currently being assessed for suitability for Community Service.

Read the full report from ABC HERE.



That’s right, the fin brand that came and went has come and gone. A real shame but possibly on the cards following the withdrawal of the crowdfunding earlier in the year and brave but ultimately unsuccessful attempts to find distribution for mass-production. Something of a shame as the devotees love them and many potential mat surfers never had the chance to try.

In a post on their Instagram page they said:

“Dear friends, supporters, colleagues and all those who follow us:
JSC Mauricio, the founder of LeblonFins, has returned to what led him to create Leblonfins: the development of the aquacity of those dealing with the mobile energies in the big surf.

Since then, the number of athletes, watermen/ waterwomen who have collaborated and trained with us has grown surprisingly.
Athletes from the Brazilian Lifesaving and Finswimming national teams, bodysurfers, countless members of Rio de Janeiro's military lifeguards and from Brazilian Navy combat divers and other military special forces as well as professional and amateur surfers and big waves water safety professionals.

What do we have in common?
In this case, we all share the love for BIG SURF and we are all committed to real hard physical and psychological training that led to the development of the aquacity of big wave watermen and women.

From now on, LeblonFins is produced solely to equip those fantastic watermen and women with whom we train.
If you are lucky enough to have purchased a pair, now you have a stock that is worth more and more. Keep it as a treasure because we're not going to sell anymore and it's impossible to replace one that's spoiled or lost.


I’m sure we all wish Mauricio and the crew the very best moving forward.


And finally, something to ameliorate the doom and gloom. Photo of the month was a really hard pick this month but who can argue with this from Glen Wenrich on Instagram.

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