Hello there mat fans! We are going to be making some changes to the site over the coming months, starting with one pretty big one.

Andrew Stephen Buck -  Photo: Will Adler

Andrew Stephen Buck - Photo: Will Adler

UK Mat Surfers has been in existence since 2009. Originally, established as an online forum to bring together a diverse band of weirdos hiding in various corners of the UK. That first matmeet at Polly Joke (AKA the spiritual home of UK mat surfing) was amazing! 5 mats in the water together... Imagine that!

It fair to say we built a really tight crew of close friends who have stayed tight for nearly a decade. It's also fair to say that the face of mat surfing has changed enormously over that time too. Surfmats have have become far more widely recognised as a valid means of riding a wave in the mainstream. We've seen a number of pro stand-up surfers and bodyboarders take up mat surfing (with varying degees of success!) and surf shops now stock what previously involved a degree in IT to find on the internet!

Henry Marfleet -  Photo: Mike Holland

Henry Marfleet - Photo: Mike Holland

Graeme Webster -  Photo: Anon

Graeme Webster - Photo: Anon

All of this has been amazing and over the years the UK Mat Surfers site has expanded it's reach being a favourite resource for mat surfers from all over the globe. The site has moved on from being a forum. This is a shame but the technology just outgrew it (although we do have the Facebook Group) and today it is a really broad resource with lots of info on equipment, tech stuff about mats themselves, surf forecast for wherever you are in the world, online store and, of course, amazing interviews with mat surfers from around the globe.

Ella Scott  Photo: Ella's Mum

Ella Scott Photo: Ella's Mum

And that's the point. The interviews are from around the globe, 2/3 of the UKMS staff are from the US and, to be honest, with the way the world is right now, there's a really strong case of opening up the boarders, not drawing attention to them!

Jamie McClellan -  Photo: Anon

Jamie McClellan - Photo: Anon

So, with all that in mind, UK Mat Surfers will be getting a bit of a re-brand over the next few days. Nothing will change in terms of using the site and the group, etc, but we will be launching a new name that reflects the site as it is today.

We will also be freshening up some of the content as time goes on.

Stay tuned!

Scott Matthews -  Photo: Seacraft Supply Co

Scott Matthews - Photo: Seacraft Supply Co

PG Goes Under the Knife

Word from Dirk Brandts via the In Greenough We Trust group on Facebook.

Good news!

Hey friends -- Paul Gross had a heart valve replacement today, as well as a few other touch ups. He had a congenital problem but arrived in otherwise great health and had a strong medical team. The doctors said it went really well, no bleeding and a clean, tight procedure. Gloria was able to see him a few hours afterwards and she and all the nurses were really happy at how healthy he looked. He's still too sedated to talk but she asked me to report to all of his Facebook friends. Knowing Paul, I predict he'll be back at the keyboard within days and back in the water within weeks.


We talked a lot about all the possible options going into and after such a procedure. As a testament to his overall optimism, he shaped 3 hulls in the last month, for my son (9'), for me (9'6"), and for himself (9'8" pig). We're not giving up mats by any means, but we're going to attack the 2-foot days with new style. 🤓👍

Send an email to Paul Gross and wish him well at <>.

Fast recovery Paul. People need mats mate!  


UK Mat Surfers.  

5 Star Generals in Stock Now!

We have a batch of G-Mat 5 Star Generals in stock right now so get over to the Store to get yours.

5 Star General Surfmat

As you may be aware, G is doing these in 3 sizes now, Small (to fit 5' 4" -5'8"), Medium (5'9" - 6'1") and Large (6'2" - 6'6"). Check out the size guide on the store page to see more and get yours:

This batch consists of a Small 200/70, 2 mediums, one 70/70 and one large 200/70.

Get in quick to get yours, but if you do miss out don't worry. We'll be getting them in every couple of months or so now.

5 Star General Surfmat Small Medium Large

Leblon Fin Discount!

The kind folks at Leblon swim have been good enough to give mat surfers in the UK, Ireland, France and Australia money off their Swimfins. Here's the news as announced in the UKMS Facebook Group:


"This week US customers already have the promotional price of US$89 including shipping.

UKMS members from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Australia can take US$19 off their order. To get your discount your shipping address must be either UK, France or Australia. Contact Martina at Leblon ( to avail of the discount and quote, "UKMS Leblon Fin Promo" in the subject line of your email.


Lblon Fins - many thanks for this offer!

Amazing stuff!