A Mat Surfer's Family Need Your Help

This post is a call out to the Global Mat Surfing Community. One of our Aussie brethren, Neal Cameron's daughter has been the victim of a vicious and sickening attack. She needs our support.

The following word are from Neal and Sigourney's life long friend, Kate. 


I guess some of you saw the News reports.....My daughter is having a hard time and its going to be a long road for her and also her wonderful mum who has problems herself and will now have to give up work which will make paying the mortgage etc difficult so if anyone can help them out in any small way that would be wonderful.....Sorry to those I have not replied to as yet.  Thanks everyone, its been great how all her friends have rallied. Regards Neal


I grew up with Sigourney and what has happened over the past few days to her is absolutely devastating for herself and her family. I have been talking with her mum daily and Sigourney has long road to recovery.

If anyone is in a position to help I ask you to dig deep and help relieve some of the financial stress they face.

Sigourney Coles was doused in petrol and set alight in her own home while she slept on Tuesday 25th July by a man known her.

Sigourney is currently in hospital with serve burns injuries and expected to be there for a few months, it is going to be a very long road to recovery for her and her family.

She has been moved from ICU, and it currently in the critical burns unit. Sigourney will need numerous skin graphs and is expected to be in the critical burns unit for a few months.

She has superficial burns to the left-hand side of her face, ear and neck and the top her chest. Her hair has been burnt and she has 3rd degree burns to her hands and fingers.

When Sigourney is able to leave the hospital she will need to have ongoing procedures to repair the damage to her skin. At the moment it is also unclear if she will have full ability to use her hands and arms.

Sigourney and her dad, Neal  

Sigourney and her dad, Neal  

Along with the physical damage, there is going to be lof of mental anguish and stress, Sigourney will need psychiatric counselling to deal the situation that has been dealt to her. It is extremely unlikely she will be able to sustain a job or any kind of paidwork for a prolonged period of time.

When Sigourney is released from hospital she will need on going care and this will place a lot of pressure on the family and limit the amount of paid work her family will be able to do during this time.

Sigourney’s family ask for anyone that has the ability to donate, to dig deep and offer some financial support during this difficult time for herself and her family, even if it is only a few dollars every little bit will count to help ease the financial burdenthat lies ahead for them.

All money donated will be going to directly to Sigourney and her mum Paula Coles who is the primary carer.

Thank you for your support. Our thoughts are with Sigourney and her family.