Leblon Fins Crowd Funding

A message from Rob Beling about Leblon Fins:


Calling all Wave Riders who use "flippers"!...Just to bring your awareness to a new (and possibly "revolutionary") swim fin design from Brazil. The "Leblon" swim fin seems definitely worthy of checking out. The design would appear to grow out of, and build on the best features used in the best current designs of the more powerful Surf Swim Fins, namely Da Fin, Vipers, and Duck Feet. The "Leblon" fin is currently available in "Medium" only, and a crowd funding campaign is now underway to produce other sizes and can be pre-ordered at a reduced price . Check it out here:


I have not used the fin myself but the existing fin has had many very promising reviews from a good number of very experienced watermen. Certainly worth checking out their website and related videos at the very least...As a hopeless Finniped I personally am going for a couple of pairs just in case they are as good as they could be!...Has anyone out there tried a pair?...


It would certainly be interesting to hear about any experience from mat surfers. These look great but the size restrictions are a real issue, particularly for people in colder climates needing thick socks. 

Mauricio from Leblon has been in touch from the Leblon warehouse in Florida to say that the plan long term is to get bigger sizes up and running, all the way to XXL.  

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